MCH Today

MCH Today

MCH Today

Nurse-Family Partnership:  Information on nationally recognized program promoting healthy pregnancy outcomes for first-time mothers

”Improving Pregnancy Outcomes, MCH Initiatives”, Dr. Atrash, 2012-13:  Power point presentation outlining goals & objectives for improving maternal & child health outcomes in the United States  

U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention:  Extensive information on maternal & infant health 

MCHB Programs & Funding: List of MCH programs funded by U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association:  Information on the Title X federal family planning program with links to providers and programs throughout the United States

Planned Parenthood Federation of America:  Information on family planning & reproductive health services provided through the Planned Parenthood network with locations across the United States

International MCH

PATH: Information on MCH programs & research worldwide

Global Organization for Maternal & Child Health: Information on evidence based programs to improve pregnancy outcomes worldwide

International Planned Parenthood Federation:  Information on programs around the world providing family planning, reproductive health services & prenatal care

World Health Organization, Maternal Health:  Extensive information on research, providers and publications on maternal & child health 



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