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General Information for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

Prenatal Care

Things to Avoid

Food and Fitness

Taking Care of Yourself During Pregnancy and Postpartum




Infant and Child Health

Information and Support for New Dads & Siblings

Planning Your Family

HIV & Pregnancy

Children’s Safety


General Information for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – Information about the health of pregnant women. 

Baby Zone – A  site to help you track and record your pregnancy. This site includes ages and stages, baby name advisory, baby horoscopes,  gender predictor and loads more.

Disney Family  - Answers questions about pregnancy from experts and fellow parents about adoption, pre-pregnancy, body changes, and emotional issues. 

Expectant Mothers Guide – The Expectant Mothers Guide connects mothers from Philadelphia to Atlanta to Cleveland to Houston and many places in between to discuss questions and answers about pregnancy.

Family Education – Gives advice to new moms and dads, working moms, divorced parents, and teen parents.

Fit Pregnancy – A site that keeps you connected with other moms, gives you tips on how to stay fit and much more

iParenting – This site is packed with information on preconception, pregnancy, newborns, breastfeeding, and tips for diet and exercise during and after pregnancy. For Spanish, click here.

March of Dimes – Offers information on a range of topics including answers to questions about pregnancy before, during, and after birth. Helpful tips about pregnancy, babies, and prematurely developed babies. For Spanish, click here. – Provides information about parenting, pregnancy, baby names, on-line parenting articles, and more. 

Pennsylvania Department of Health– Handouts about healthy living for mothers and their children. 

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare – This is an on-line resource providing information about various state funded programs for women and their families including: cash assistance, food stamps, health insurance, and help with child care. - Offers helpful information for mothers trying to understand such topics as: getting pregnant, pregnancy, birth, after birth, staying fit, fetal development and loads more. 

World Health Organization (WHO) - An international site that discusses the health and well being of mothers and children. 

Prenatal Care

Black Woman’s Health– Provides prenatal health tips to promote the physical, mental, and spiritual health of today’s African American woman and to provide information that will help them live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. – Pregnancy and childbirth information, such as knowing your options and how to provide yourself with the best possible care during your pregnancy.

March of Dimes - Offers information on a range of prenatal care topics, such as prenatal tests and folic acid. 

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development - The Institute conducts and supports research on all stages of human development, from preconception to adulthood, to better understand the health of children, adults, families, and communities.

The National Woman’s Health Information Center- Answers frequently asked questions about prenatal care.

Pregnancy Today – This site includes pregnancy articles, expert tips, and doctors’ advice about pregnancy. 

What to Expect - An interactive site for mothers and mothers-to-be to share experiences and stories about their pregnancy. They can also ask for personal and professional advice.

Things to Avoid

National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism - Highlights the dangers of using alcohol during pregnancy and where help can be found. For Spanish, click here. 

Smoke-Free Families - Gives helpful tips to help pregnant smokers quit.

Food and Fitness

Family Education - Gives helpful tips on how to stay fit during and after your pregnancy.

Fit Pregnancy -Here you’ll find workouts geared toward each stage of your pregnancy, plus postnatal pound-blasting exercises to help get your body back after delivery. From walking to weight training and pushups to Pilates.  This site is loaded with helpful fit information.

Mayo Clinic - Information about pregnancy nutrition and foods to avoid.

Taking Care of Yourself During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Pamper Yourself – Ways to feel good during pregnancy

Parenting Journals – Gives helpful tips on how the family can take care of mothers to be.

She Knows – Gives advice on how to pamper mothers to be. 

Childbirth Connection – Resource for how to cope with the emotions and stresses of pregnancy and child birth.

Disney Family - 10 simple ways to a stress-free pregnancy.


American Pregnancy Association – This site discusses signs and triggers of depression during and after pregnancy. 

Baby Center - A Web resource for parents dedicated to helping you find the information and support you need during pregnancy and in caring for a baby, toddler, or child.

Beyond the Baby Blues- a guide to understanding and treating prenatal and postpartum depression.

Family Doctor- Discusses the difference between postpartum depression and the baby blues.

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) – Contains information for women with depression during and after pregnancy and for their friends and families. 

National Woman’s Health and Information Center  - Questions and answers about depression during and after pregnancy.

Postpartum Education for Parents – Offers a variety of information and resources about depression during and after pregnancy. It also provides a toll free hotline for women and their families. 

The Postpartum Stress Center – This website features a variety of resources for women seeking information about depression during and after pregnancy. 

Postpartum Support International - Provides information about the emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum.

What to Expect - An interactive site for mothers and mothers-to-be to share experiences and stories about their pregnancy. They can also ask for personal and professional advice.


American Academy of Pediatrics – Provides answers to common questions about breastfeeding.

Maternity Care Coalition - Explains the ins and outs of breastfeeding. 

MedLine Plus - Breast feeding information to help mothers get off to a good start. Discusses the basics of breastfeeding, nutrition, related issues and current research.

National Women’s Health Information Center – Helps mothers understand why breastfeeding is best for both mom and baby. 

La Leche League International – Helps mothers understand the healthy reasoning for breastfeeding. 

World Health Organization (WHO) – 10 facts to help mothers learn to breastfeed.


CHIP Insurance - CHIP is short for the Children’s Health Insurance Program - Pennsylvania’s program to provide health insurance to all uninsured children and teens who are not eligible for or enrolled in Medical Assistance.

Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, PA Health Options

Infant and Child Health

Autism Speaks – This site helps parents understand autism, how to cope with the effects, and provides a community for parents to connect with and much more.

Center for Disease Control & Prevention - Helps parents understand vaccines and their purposes. For Spanish, click here.

First Signs - First Signs is dedicated to the early identification and intervention of children with developmental delays and disorders, including autism. 

Pennsylvania Department of Health – Helpful numbers and websites to help new mothers with their newborn babies, such as information about newborn screening

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare-Autism Services – This website provides Information about autism, childhood transitions, what you can expect in adulthood, a glossary and state services for children with autism.  

Maternal and Child Health Library - A resource guide to help mothers understand their child’s health.

Nurse-Family Partnership - Nurse-Family Partnership is a home visiting program that improves the health, well-being and self-sufficiency of low-income, first-time parents and their children.

Parent to Parent – Helping connect parents of children with special needs and disabilities. 

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – Provides information such as: research about both the cause of sudden infant death and methods of prevention, education about prevention methods aimed at the public and medical community, and family support providing crises phone counseling, grief literature and referrals.

Kids Health - Provides doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence. For Spanish, click here.

Keep Kids Healthy - A pediatrician’s guide to your child’s health and safety.

Zero to Three– Offers practical science-based information and tools designed to help parents and caregivers nurture their young children’s development.

Information and Support for New Dads & Siblings

Boot Camp for new Dads – This site features a variety of information for new dads, including fact sheets, workshop and support group information. 

Kids Health – Contains articles about the changes that may come with having a new baby in the home.

National Center for Fathering – This site features a variety of resources, specifically catered to fathers. 

The National Fatherhood Initiative - This website provides resources targeted towards educating fathers through public awareness campaigns, research, and other resources. 

Keep Kids Healthy – Gives advice for parents to help older children cope with embracing a newborn.

Planning Your Family

Family Planning Council – Provides facts about birth control methods, emergency contraception, teen reproductive health, STDs, HIV/AIDS and pregnancy, offers useful information for men and women about what to expect during a family planning clinic visit (SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA).

Planned Parenthood – Provides information about sexual and reproductive health care. Among the health topics on the website are abortion, birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy, relationships, sexuality, STDs, HIV and safer sex, women’s, men’s and teenagers’ reproductive and sexual health. For Spanish, click here  (NATIONWIDE).

Adagio Health – The website contains useful information about family planning, birth control and gynecology, including birth control methods, contraceptive use, STDs, emergency contraception (morning-after pill) and the basic facts about a gynecological exam (WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA). 

Maternal and Family Health Services – Contains facts about birth control, cancer screening, breastfeeding, STD/HIV and other family planning topics  (NORTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA). 

Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania – The website gives information about the company’s services in the field of family planning (adolescent and family education, women’s health, cancer screening and education, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV/AIDS, parenting and adoption) (CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA).

International Planned Parenthood Federation

WHO – Provides such resources as official family planning publications of the World Health Organization, contains scientific reports and handbooks of the WHO on contraceptive use and other family planning topics (INTERNATIONAL).

HIV & Pregnancy

AVERT – The website contains a lot of useful information about HIV/AIDS, including the basic facts about the disease as well as HIV testing and transmissionHIV & pregnancy,  breastfeeding, mother-to-child transmission, and other important topics (INTERNATIONAL). 

The Body – This is a complete HIV/AIDS resource, that besides other issues, provides articles about HIV during pregnancy 

American Pregnancy Association – The site provides general information about HIV/AIDS during pregnancy (including testing, transmission and breastfeeding).  (NATIONWIDE). AIDS/HIV – This resource includes basic information about AIDS/HIV, HIV during pregnancy and some recommendations for pregnant women and mothers. – The website contains questions & answers on the topic on HIV& pregnancy. 

Children’s Safety

American Academy of Pediatrics – This webpage provides information about keeping children safe when riding in a vehicle (types of car safety seats, the right car safety seat, Q&A).

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission – A downloadable booklet to help avoid injuries from nursery furniture and equipment.

Cribs For Kids – This site contains information about safe-sleep environment for babies, which is considered to be a “key factor in reducing the rates of infant death”. 



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