Welcome to the website of the
Pennsylvania Perinatal Partnership (PPP)

The Mission of the PPP is to improve women's and children's health outcomes in Pennsylvania

through education, advocacy, and collaboration. The Pennsylvania Perinatal Partnership represents the collaborative efforts of Pennsylvania’s Healthy Start Projects, Maternal and Child Health Programs and the OCDEL approved home visiting agencies.

PPP is the only program in the state that regularly convenes representative MCH organizations from nearly every county in the Commonwealth.

 In its work, the Partnership emphasizes the importance of making sure that women are healthy when they become pregnant, that they continue to be healthy during pregnancy, that they are healthy between pregnancies, and that their babies are born, and remain healthy. The key to perinatal health is that prevention is the best way to assist women in having safe and healthy pregnancies.  

PPP members work to reduce barriers to maternal and child health services, promote the provision of culturally and linguistically sensitive care, and support the capacity of women to enhance and maintain their own health as well as the health of their children and families. Whether directly or through alliances with community-based health, mental health and and social service organizations, PPP members offer individualized care designed to build on the strengths of each family. In addition, PPP members ensure that women and children receive needed primary and specialty health and mental health services; enroll families in health insurance programs; and provide education about nutrition, exercise, child development, and other maternal and child health concerns. Home visiting is a frequently used strategy to work with families on a longer term basis.  

PPP is a program of AccessMattters, which manages this unique collaboration of maternal and child health programs.

For more information on the PPP, contact Liz Werthan at 215-985-6267 or liz.werthan@accessmatters.org




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